Ciro Riccardi was born in Naples in 1950 where he lives and develops an intense artistic activity. In his childhood, when he had only a few years, he attended his uncle's studio painter where he developed his love for painting. He attended 60 years the Art Institute "Filippo Palizzi. He pushed himself from his uncle to develop a career as a painter and the years are an artist who carries the requirements, the bitterness of a man who is deep South as his painting, more spontaneous than reflective. His decorations suggest the moods of those female presence always well drawn, sometimes more "plump" but always present. His imagination frees all memory.



Kinds of scenes, mythical characters such as "Pierrot et Colombine", "giant shells", "bird" works different from each other, pushing the romance to a poetic grace. Here the work is far from cry from torture, it is serene, with a mixture of prophetic and expressionism. The big difference of his paintings may suggest a lack of personality. This is not, but is the result of intense curiosity. The multidisciplinary artist invents for us realism. His drawings and accompanying stories are the canvas in a large visual lyricism.







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