Ciro Riccardi




Artist and Painter of Naples, the resonance light of his paintings have a strong presence in his art. They sometimes hide behind collages, architectural lines that are all strongly drawn willingly inhale the great masters of Italian Renaissance. Fineness of the writing, contrast with the boldness, amber tones that can sometimes suggest the windows, here are some of Ciro Riccardi track of creativity. The lights placed with good knowledge of the case are reinforced and intensified through armor graphics designed with sensitivity and aestheticism. The design is a real building, which emphasizes the invisible presence of the subject. Thus the appreciation of art can only stumble upon a great facility aesthetic approach. Some references to some teachers are known to disrupt the personality of this artist. Only a few collages can remember the hand of "Botticelli" and "Antonio Pallaiolo" this may seem sometimes as a quiet man.

The personality of this artist transforms into more of his works. His ocher, blue pastel combine to create a complicity with no bumps or shadows. His art is bound alchemy of language intended to clarify the hidden meaning of things. An impressive diversity, by Ciro Riccardi is the cry of an artist, a painter who expresses genuine inter figurative expressionism art free. He aspires above all to give us the opportunity to discover new horizons of artistic creativity. This plasticity runs every day of long hours in his studio where his imagination allows him to live his compositions, for a purpose in mind. He knows how to pay homage to Italy, makes us aware that this country is "the cradle of our western culture, in effect his art has a momentum of truth, his beliefs are.







Oil painting on canvas of the highest quality jute





Wish of Ciro to Grandchildren

Diego e Sergio


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